ELISA. Ellectronic Intelligence Satellite Alarm. Delsat International.

Security at air. Delsat International.


High security via satellite ELISA in order to guarantee the distress signal is properly sent in any situation, including sabotage, inhibition or overriding of the alarm system.


Only for those who value their own security and theirs!

Worldwide coverage through the constellation of Inmarsat satellites.

Worldwide coverage through the constellation of Inmarsat satellites.

Criminal groups disable alarms by interrupting the telephone line and inhibiting communication units GSM / GPRS used to broadcast distress signal.

The wide offer and the facility to purchase alarm INHIBITORS on the Internet eases for any thugs the overriding of alarm systems.

DMR. Delsat International.

High security via satellite

Broadcast guarantee in 15 seconds


Nothing is left in the air for sure, Delsat International.

DRONES (UAS Unmanned Aerial Systems) for professional, commercial, and security purposes

DRONES (UAS Unmanned Aerial Systems) for professional, commercial, and security purposes.

Daniel Yuste, UAS certified aircraft operator. Delsat International.
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Drones UAS purposes:

  • Safety and security
  • Technical and scientific work
  • Analysis of infrastructure and buildings
  • Agriculture
  • Advertising
  • Tourism
  • Culture and Heritage


UAS certified aircraft operators (Spanish Aviation Safety Agency, AESA).


Listening systems and audio recording

Listening systems and audio recording. Delsat International.

Sensitive microphones capable of capturing the softest whisper. Adaptable to CCTV recording units and IP cameras.

Personal monitoring and tracking

Personal monitoring and tracking. Delsat International.

Worldwide coverage. Personal. Vehicles and belongings. Providing position and messaging via satellite, without mobile phone coverage.

Outdoor: Search-rescue team and communication via satellite with Control Centre.

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Advice on electronic security

Advice on electronic security. Delsat International.

Counselling and implementation of high-security measures and countermeasures regarding electronics and personal security.


DRONES. Delsat International.

DRONES (UAS Unmanned Aerial Systems) for profesional, commercial and security uses.


Telephony. Delsat International.

Voice and data via satellite: Worldwide coverage through several constellations for voice and data communications.

IP Telephony: IP PBX for personal and professional use.

Custom-made projects

Custom-made projects. Delsat International.

Design and development of integrated projects and solutions regarding security and telecommunications, remote control and SCADA. Remote control for household and industrial devices.

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